Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nailart: Cascading Dots

I did this nailart a while back and I thought that my first nailart post should be something relatively simple and easy to do. 

I started off with a base coat, the L.A colors base coat (NP191)

After that dried, I used san san's nailpolish in Blue Sapphire.

For the dots I used a dotting tool and dipped it in white polish, make sure that your dotting tool is generously coated in white polish for the first dot and slowly reduce the amount as you go lower. 

For the white polish I used Etude house's  WH702. If you're looking for a really opaque white, go for this!

Make sure the dots are dry and finish off with a top coat and you're done!!

That's it! If you guys decide to try this out, please don't forget to show it to me!

If you want more nailart pictures, please visit my instagram

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