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Balancing Facial Wash & Toner Review (human❤nature)

Human Nature
Balancing Facial Wash and Balancing Facial Toner Review


When I ordered these I got the Toner first because the facial wash was out of stock.

I've never been much of a toner-loving person mainly because I thought that all toners were alcohol based. I used to hate toners because (generally speaking) they're very harsh and irritating. Whenever I use them, they would irritate my eyes even though I don't use it around my eye area. The alcohol makes my eyes turn red and watery.

I was really hesitant about getting the toner because I was afraid that it might irritate my skin and eyes. When I got it, I was puzzled as to why it didn't smell like alcohol. I was told by the seller that it was alcohol free!

Most of us think that Toners are used for "cleaning", WRONG! Toners are used for "Balancing". Toners are used to restore the pH balance of the skin.

While most people use alcohol-based toners (for oily skin) it leaves the skin extremely dry which makes your skin produce even more oil, which leads to unwanted, nasty breakouts.

The first thing I noticed when I used the toner was it made my skin a tad bit red but it didn't hurt or anything. The redness went away a couple of seconds after patting the cotton pad on my face. It didn't irritate my eyes at all!!

I'm still using the toner today which is roughly about 3-4weeks. I have to say that it's great! It feels refreshing and the scent is fabulous (smells like orange). Although I'm quite disappointed why my break out isn't going away (broke out a couple of days before I used the product) quickly. It didn't slow down nor did it quicken the "healing process"

Also, the 200ml bottle costs P199.75 which is a tad bit pricey compared to commercial toners but I guess it's pricier because it's organic.

I would have to rate this a

4 out of 5 stars---- just because it didn't help heal my break out and it's a tad bit pricey, flimsy bottle.


 50ml bottle

200 ml bottle

I got the smallest bottle because I just wanted to try out the product, I know a lot of people love this facial wash but I wasn't sure if it was gonna work with my combination skin.

My first impression about it was that it smelled like those cheap bubble formulas. Those bubbles that come in a tiny bottle that cost P5 each. The ones they sell on the street. I thought that the scent was really weird. Another was that it didn't foam up or create bubbles. I mean there were bubbles but only quite a few, you could literally count it with your fingers.

The "beads/scrubs" are very minimal which is a good thing since this is a daily scrub. You really don't want to scrub your skin raw everyday. I would really recommend this to people who have milia, because anything that has "scrubs/beads" can get rid of milia.

The 50ml bottle is quite pricey too because it costs P84.75 a 50ml bottle is really tiny, it can literally fit in just one hand. I guess this would be a great travel sized facial wash but one thing I'm really concerned about if you bring this when you travel is that the bottle is quite flimsy, I think if you dropped this the cap would break off (same with the Toner). The consistency is runny and stringy almost like the consistency of saliva (I know, gross).

I guess most Human♥Nature products aren't packaged that well, most of the products I got from them have really flimsy packaging.

All in all a good product, I didn't break out from it but it also didn't improve the healing process of my break out.

I would have to rate this a

4 out of 5 stars---- just because it didn't help heal my break out, it's pricey and it has flimsy packaging.


Balancing Facial Toner (Orange and Elemi with Sugar Beet)            
Balancing Facial Wash (Orange and Elemi with Bamboo Scrubs)     

Got all these 2 products for P256.00 instead of P284.50 because it was 10% off at The Shopping Cart.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased with my own money.

NOTE: I made this review last December 23, 2011.
(I was extremely busy with school)

as of March 26, 2012

I still love this product!!
The packaging, as I said before, is very flimsy. The cap on my toner wont close anymore, it stays slightly open even when I press it down very firmly.

I ran out of the 50ml bottle so I bought the 200ml bottle (facial wash).

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  1. First, it is quite pricey for it is an organic product. It's actually like a local version of The Body Shop. Organic oroducts are worth the price because even though they are not as potent as the chemically-laid products, they are much safer and environment-friendly. They have to source the raw materials. And I suggest that if you're going to review a product next time, please make sure to focus more on the performance of the product. Your rants of it having "flimsy packaging and quite pricey" doesn't do justice for, I repeat, an organic product.